We are passionate about boating and all aspects of being out on the water.

We are enthusiastic boat builders who would love to be involved in building your dream vessel.

Quality products and highly-skilled workmanship from some of Queensland’s best.

Boats carefully designed and incorporating exactly what keen and professional Sportsfisherman need.


From small repairs and general maintenance to large-scale commercial fit-outs, to designing and crafting original vessels, CJH Yachts meets the needs of any marine vessel owner.

Refit, Repairs & Modifications At CJH yachts, the team of Shipwrights can help you with all your yacht and boat repairs, refits and modifications, no matter how small or large your project may be. We work in conjunction with local surveyors to ensure the exacting survey standards are applied. Based at Norship Marin, Portsmith, Cairns. We have the benefits of full travel lift, hard stand facilities and full paint and blast sheds. We also have a wide range of professional tradespeople to assist in other speciality requirements.
Custom & Spec Built Vessels CJH Yachts are enthusiastic boat builders who would love to be involved in building your dream vessel to your own specifications. Working alongside Naval Architects, surveyors, designers and owners all to create your marine master piece. Our quality is second to none with skills to complete intricate timber work and also the technology and experience to create your modern and stylish dream boat.
Shrinkwrap CJH Yachts has been supplying and installing shrinkwrap tents and covers in the Cairns regions for over 10 years. The shrinkwrap shelters are all custom made. They can be made large enough to cover Navy patrol vessels where crews require protected and waterproof spaces to work in. This not only provides protection for crew but also the external environment when painting and blasting.